Free CSS Layouts

Sunday 17th of December 2017 03:13:52 AM

Free CSS Layouts

Please feel free to borrow, steal, abduct, and/or torture the documents contained here. Enjoy.

Two Column Layouts

2 columns - left menu

A simple two column layout with the standard left-side menu.

2 columns - right menu

Practically the same HTML as 2 columns - left menu, but with a different stylesheet.

Three Column Layouts

3 columns - flanking menus

Then you can change font attributes for special pieces of text in-linewith FONT tags: 
<FONT SIZE="n" FACE="name" COLOR="color">... </FONT>

Be careful about specifying fonts in the <BASEFONT> or <FONT>tag.  You can count on all browsers having the basic fonts--Arial,Courier and Times Roman--but browsers that don't have the font you specifywill simply substitute some other font, and the effect you want may bediminished or lost.  The <BASEFONT> or <FONT>tags can list multiple fonts in order of preference.  The list should

Three columns, no tables, intelligent order of elements. What more is there to say?

Many a talented web designer has struggled with CSS-based centering. Though CSS vertical centering eludes us, two techniques for horizontal centering are approved. Take your pick: Auto-width Margins or Negative Margin.

</STYLE>, it will ignore them altogether.However, the declarations within those tags willnot be ignored, because they will appear to beordinary text so far as the browser is concerned. So yourstyledeclarations will appear at the top of your page! (Of course, thebrowser should ignore the text because it isn't part of theBODY element, but this is never the case.) Thisproblem is illustrated in Figure 1-5.